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June 05, 2014 3 Comments

Since the dawn of time, like-minded people have yearned for gathering. Hunters hung out with other hunters. Gatherers chilled with fellow gatherers. Men watch sports together, women go to the bathroom together and infants cry in harmony with one another. The same rings true in business and industry. We need a place to to commune with fellow individuals who share our jobs and our passions. In short, everyone needs a reason to go to Vegas. Whether you're a pipe-fitter, a commercial fisherman, a day trader or an iPhone repair whiz kid, you need a reason to go to Vegas every year. Finally, that reason has arrived!


Behold, the First Annual Wireless Repair Expo!


The moment I heard about this expo, I called the organizers and bought in fully. I am proud to announce that not only will LCDcycle have an exhibit at the expo, but we will also be sponsoring it! In addition, I will personally (Chris Koerner) be speaking on stage at the event as well as holding a one-hour workshop for anyone who wishes to attend.

The Wireless Repair Expo is a long time coming, and it is going to be amazing. As you all know, the Wireless Repair market is massively huge and growing like crazy. Estimates show it is now a $1 billion dollar industry. This expo is a chance for like-minded members of the repair community to come together, network, gossip, collaborate and source new vendors.

The expo will be held during CTIA's Annual Super Mobility Week on September 9th, 10th and 11th at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. It is hosted by CTIA and Wireless Dealer Magazine.

Businesses represented at the expo include LCDcycle as well as other businesses offering products and services such as:

  • Wholesale iPhone Parts, Wholesale iPad Parts, etc
  • Wholesale Accessory Distribution
  • Mail-In Soldering
  • Mobile Repair Business Opportunities
  • Wireless Repair Training
  • LCD Recycling
  • Device Insurance Providers
  • Repair Shop Software
  • Prepaid Wireless Services

The above is just a small sampling of what you will find at the event. The Wireless Repair Expo will take up a section of the expo floor at CTIA. Over 40,000 people are expected to attend and there will be over 1,100 exhibitors. There will be numerous keynote speeches and workshops held throughout the event, and much fun is sure to be had. Myself as well as a couple key partners at LCDcycle will have a meeting room reserved at the nearby Palazzo Hotel and we would love to sit down and discuss potential business opportunities or partnerships with anyone in attendance.


Let us know if you plan on attending, we'd love to meet up!


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Chris Koerner
Chris Koerner

June 18, 2014

Hey Lee,

Try emailing Michelle@wirelessdealermagazine.com for the kit. Thanks!


Lee Tarjan
Lee Tarjan

June 06, 2014

I wanted to register for a expo kit, but I’m in Canada, I will be attending this event for the full 3 day period and would like this kit to get me rolling, how can I get this kit?


June 06, 2014

Thanks for the info.

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